Quit Your Way with NDQuits

There’s more than one right way to quit tobacco products. That’s why NDQuits offers several cessation options that have been successful for so many. You too can find the path that works best for you with NDQuits.

No Smoking

Personal Coaching

NDQuits has helped many North Dakotans quit because we offer confidential, one-on-one coaching. Our cessation coaches are employed by the University of North Dakota’s Department of Family and Community Medicine. They assess a person’s readiness to quit using tobacco and help develop an individualized plan using proven methods and strategies.

Customized Journey

There is no typical timeline or average pathway to quitting – it is a process that is different for everyone. Getting help through NDQuits means you receive personalized assistance to maximize your ability to quit and stay quit.

Many of those who quit with NDQuits feel a huge sense of accomplishment in living free of prior addictions while others are most proud of their healthier lifestyle without commercial tobacco use.

There are many reasons to quit using tobacco. NDQuits is here to help you achieve that goal. Get started by enrolling in our program today.